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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

-Burr-Brown output stage - Amplification Technology capable of driving 600 ohm loads.

-Dual (Two Separate) Op-Amps unique for left and right channels to provide the best stereo sound.

-Power Output: 400 mW, 300 mW distortion free.

-Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 100 KHz  +/- 0.5 db

-Noise Measurement: Beyond Audible Limit (No hiss or static when volume is at max.)

-Amplification: from 250% to 800% depending on the initial power output of the source (from -infinite to +8 db)

-Increased supply voltage to 18V !! (dual 9V batteries in series) for Maximum Peak to Peak undistorted output signal, resulting in Amazing Dynamic Drive. ("Headroom" is an Amp's max output before clipping/distortion occurs. The higher the voltage, the more headroom, and the more you are able to enjoy the full dynamics (distortion free!) 

-Increased power supply capacitance for Extended Bass response.

-Ultra Low distortion power stage for outstanding dynamic performance.

-15 Hz Subsonic Filter (designed for headphone protection).

-Amp uses high-end Line Driver (Upgraded Buffer)

-Features Reverse Polarity Protection and Virtual Ground Channel

-Battery Life: 32 Hrs / charge (using Rechargeable batteries), 40+ hrs Otherwise (using Stnd. Alcaline Batteries).

-Enclosure Dimensions: Height: 11.1 cm (4 3/8'') Width: 6.1 cm (2 3/8'') Depth: 3.0 cm (1 3/16'')

Note:  Re: POWER Consumption:  If a CD player uses 2 AA and is not powerful enough to power your premium headphones, how can you expect an amp that uses 2 AA batteries to do much better? The truth is it can't. A portable amp's power supply voltage has everything to do with an Amps output power. Many commercial amps use a battery supply of 6v to 12v. We use a 18v supply. Using 2 AA batteries to power an amp may be fine for 8 ohm economy headphones to boost a signal from an MP3 player that uses 1 AAA battery. But when you use headphones that are 32 ohm, 64 ohm, and higher, the amp with a 3v supply will clip/distort very early when turned up to a decent audio level. We provide you with 6 times the voltage for premium quality output. The bottom-line is that this amp is designed and built to perform.

Components and Materials

-3.5mm (1/8") premium input/output jacks

-High quality PANASONIC Stereo potentiometer (Volume Control)

-Brushed Aluminum volume knob

-High quality metal toggle-switch

-Shielded wiring!!! (Eliminates any potential Noise Sensitivity.)

-IMPEDANCE SELECTION between Low impedance headphones (ie. Grados - 32+ ohms) vs. High impedance headphones (ie. Sennheisers at 300+ ohms) for a more customized/mated sound experience!

-Low current 'Power-ON' LED indicator (with ultra-low power consumption).

-Our Amps have always featured a high quality Custom Hand Etched PCB (Printed Circuit Board) that is treated to a chemical tinning process to prevent signal degradation over time.

-Transparent blue high-quality industrial enclosure - specifically designed/intended to house electronic circuitry. A beautiful and tough heavy plastic enclosure.

-Connection Jack for optional AC/DC charger.

-Amp comes with Instructions for use (a single page: simple, clear, concise with pictures).



* Note: All of the above specifications have been verified using specific testing equpment, not just approximations or (theoretical) mathematics. Please also note that we will not elaborate about 1. componentry specifics, 2. circuitry information. We believe that this amp is hands-down better than any other Portable Headphone Amps that you may find in the market and we want to maintain the exclusivitiy of our design.




1. High Quality Custom Charger  - for high capacity rechargeable NiCD batteries. (*Please see not below.)

2. 2 x 9V high capacity rechargeable NiCD batteries


*You will never have to replace the batteries! Put them inside the unit the one time, then simply charge the unit each time the batteries are depleted, using this custom charger.

Each one of our amps are carefully tested and inspected prior to shipment ensuring your absolute satisfaction.




More photos may be found on the 'Photos' page.